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How important is social promotion for my business?

Be it a small or a large enterprise, a comprehensive social strategy is one of the key elements for improving user experience and boosting visibility of your business to a significant level.

Is your support too expensive?

We have designed our services, keeping everyone in mind. We would plan the support as per your budget, without compromising on your business outreach.

How to write a compelling copy?

Telling a story in an appealing way is the pressing need, when it comes to content. Besides, useful information and replying to the audience needs or a specific issue with a catchy headline can make a piece of content far powerful from others. Finally, after you’re done, go for a second opinion of your content.

Within how many days I can expect to see a change in footfall/traffic/visibility of my business?

As per the SMM experts, 6-9 months is the required time that your social strategy would take to show visible difference. So, a bit of patience is the key!

Are you new to content & design?

The co-founders of ICEE MEDIA have more than 20 years of experience into content, working with clients from diverse sectors. Our design experts are equally proficient, armed with rich experience and professionalism.

How different is your effort from other agencies that also make lofty promises?

ICEE MEDIA believes it to the core that one doesn’t need to brag beforehand results should be the ‘spokesperson’! Our venture is a ‘melting pot’ of skilled minds, confident and adept in respective fields, armed with many years of corporate exposure. So, as per the old saying goes, nothing can substitute experience and that’s what makes us different!  Give us a chance and see how it goes.

I have a small business with limited funds. Can you help me?

Yes! We’ll look into your business and devise a plan that’s best suited in increasing followers and business visibility and bring returns.

Difference between graphic & digital design?

From a fundamental perspective, graphic designs are static layouts and digital designs are dynamic, involving animations and 2D/3D modeling.

You are new to business. Do you have that team strength to efficiently manage an already established name in business?

Yes! We have experienced writers, designers, digital and SMM experts, developers and other industry veterans in their respective domains to manage an established business competently.

What formalities do you have for the clients to get started?

You may just call us, shoot a mail or simply fill up the Contact Us form and we’ll get in touch with you within 24 hrs. It’s that easy!

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