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10 Flyer Design Ideas That Will Give You Wings!

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Despite the emergence of online shopping, the popularity of traditional shopping remains the same. Even though the world of bibliophiles has witnessed the birth of audiobooks and eBooks, yet the demand and popularity of traditional printed books remain unmatched and unparalleled, just like in old times. Though the course of time is largely being influenced by the usage of contemporary technology in every domain, yet sometimes the old ways are the best. 

The above quote applies most accurately when it comes to promotion and marketing. No matter how glamorous the advertising events look on TV or social media, nothing beats the crafty, informative leaflets known as flyers. Be it any type of product promotion, or any event or campaign, from advertising commercial products to spreading awareness for a noble cause, it is the simplicity of the flyers which makes their messages easily understood, thanks to their simplistic, yet visually attractive design. The catchy titles or the expertise of including both pictures and facts on the promotional content of the flyer grabs attention, despite the limited size of the flyer. 

However, when there is popularity, there is competition. The same goes for designing flyers as well. To hold the reputation of existing flyer designers, or to rise among the crowd of designers, to challenge the artwork of the established flyer designers and overtake their position by dominating the field of flyer designing – it requires a combination of designing skills and innovative ideas. Therefore, without delay, let’s take a look at the top 10 Flyer Design Ideas which will take your flyer design to the next level:

1) Color Is The First Thing That Will Catch The Eye

  • The first objective should be to amplify the visual attractiveness of the flyer designs. According to several flyers design services, visuals have a lasting impact on the human mind.
  • Hence, the usage of appropriate color combinations can create a memorable flyer where even if the factual information may get forgotten, the graphic design will stay in the minds of the buyers, making them re-watch the flyer to go through the information mentioned in it. 
  • Usage of colors similar to the ones used in the brand logo of the collaborating company is also a good idea.

2) Graphic Content And Imagery: The Dynamic Duo Of Flyer Designing

  • Different forms of imagery and Flyer Design Ideas are used for different designing purposes. Be it photography, graphic content, paintings or any other visual imagery: every form has its own merits in depicting specific messages through their application; hence, graphic content and imagery have a crucial impact in making the flyer a big hit.
  • Since flyer designs do not have much space to work on, hence, these graphic options are very effective for ideas to be conveyed on a smaller aspect ratio as well. The images and graphic icons can be used to create a bridge between the viewer and the flyer by making the visuals relatable to the users.

3) Keep It Short And Moderate

  • Oftentimes, many flyers design services put so much content into the limited space of the flyers, it makes the viewers confused about what to look at: the facts, or the figures, or the imagery?
  • Therefore, going all out on flyers is not a good idea. Moderation is the key, i.e., it is always important to keep in mind that the design has been proportionate to the flyer, along with the space to include information.

4) A Good Headline Can Do Wonders!

  • Since the headline is the first component that draws the attention of the viewers to the flyer, hence, proper attention must be given to make it as unique and catchy as possible.
  • However, you need to be careful to make sure that the heading encompasses the content to be promoted through the flyer.
  • Creating unique fonts for flyers is also a good idea, as that will be something that the viewers had never seen before.

5) Incorporate Layering Effect In Your Designs To Add An Extra Dimension To Your Flyer

  • To be better than the rest, to be viewed more than the rest, you will need to do something different from the rest, isn’t it? Let’s say, we create an effect that makes the flyer look as if the heading is casting a shadow on the background behind it, with the contents placed at specific positions of the image used as the flyer background. 
  • Usage of Photoshop, or typography, blending them with coloring patterns creates a layering effect in your flyers. Such a flyer design may be tricky to make, but the greater the risk is, the greater is the reward!

6) Show Facts Through Images

  • Flyers are also great for depicting infographics, as they help in providing the viewers with concrete evidence of the information provided, indicating that the brand company has done its research and is sincere to its clients. 
  • It has to be kept in mind that the infographic design must be easy to read and easy to be comprehended, else it will take away the very purpose of using infographics and will add complications to the design of the flyer.
  • Pictorial elements such as pie charts or histograms can be great tools for mentioning infographics in flyers.

7) Give An Overall Message Or A Tagline

  • Conveying a personal message has both a social impact and an impact on the viewers as well. For example, Nike uses the tagline: ‘Just Do It’ – a simple sentence that has now become a classic quote over time.
  • Similarly, it may also happen that the message depicted in your flyer gains popularity over time and becomes a legendary quote. These overall messages create a form of bond between the collaborating organization and the potential clients who shall be viewing the flyer.
  • Don’t be afraid to highlight your opinion through your designs, as this will add a personal touch to the flyers, making the clients even more comfortable with the theme of the flyer.

8) High-Quality Imagery Is Absolutely Essential

  • Sometimes, we are so focused on the big picture that we forget about tending to minor details. However, it is the practice of paying attention to details that makes a difference between an extraordinary flyer and an average one. 
  • Since the image quality of pictures downloaded from the internet, or uploaded from the camera can be reduced when they are put in the small dimension ratio of flyers, thus, care must be given to check that the images retain their high resolution, to create a visual impact.

9) Don’t Copy From Others

  • With the availability of the internet, everyone has access to all the resources they need to gather knowledge on any domain in this world. 
  • Hence, copying ideas from the designs of other flyer designers will be easily detected and caught immediately.
  • This will create a reverse impact, making the viewers reject the content in the flyer, labeling it as “copied material” and will tarnish the reputation of the collaboration corporation too.

10) Usage Of Quotes Is Always Effective

  • Usage of quotations is a great way to make the viewers accustomed to the content featured in the flyer. 
  • Since we are likely to learn from the life and advice of famous persons, therefore, using their quotes can be a great way to demonstrate how the product mentioned in the flyer relates to the words of the legendary personalities who spoke the quotations.
  • It also indicates the amount of hard work being done by the flyer designers, to come up with an appropriate quote to match the features of the product.

There is a saying: In a land where men die young, beware of the old. Despite the current world of marketing and advertisement being saturated with so many promotional tactics, the usage of flyers still stands tall among them. 

Perhaps, this is an example to emphasize the importance of designing a promotional piece of content on a leaflet-sized dimension. This also shows that marketing doesn’t always need to go over the top in expenses, to achieve the desired results of attracting the attention of interested buyers. 

Because this promotional method is inexpensive and can be viewed by customers from every economic category, this further broadens the range of potential clients and customers. By following the above-mentioned tips and tricks of Flyer Design Ideas, both the clients and the designer will achieve a highly successful result. 

On one hand, the flyer designing completes his/her goal of making the design simple, attractive and informative enough that all the viewers can easily understand the content of the flyer, and will keep in mind the flyer design to be reviewed again or to be discussed with people in their social circles having a similar interest. On the other hand, the collaborating brand partner is now able to spread information and promote their products to a far larger base of interested buyers, that too, through a cost-effective form of advertisement. Now that’s what we call a successful branding partnership!



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