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Product Package Design

Although it is said numerous times that a book should not be judged by its cover, the same cannot be said when it comes to gifts and presentations. This is proven by the fact that whenever we attend a party or an invitation, we have noticed that equal attention is given to the wrapping and presentation of the gift, as is given to the present itself. As much as we give importance to the actual content inside, the packing and external appearance also does play a key role in the visual aspect of what we are presenting. When the role of packing is so crucial for offering the presentation in our day-to-day life, imagine how indispensable product packing is, when it comes to advertising, promoting and presenting a product. After all, appearance does matter! 

Be it a box of chocolate, or a bottle of shampoo, from edible products to cosmetic items, every single manufacturing industry of every domain in the world follow a common principle: The product needs a better view, for better marketability. Such is the impact of product packing, that we can recognize a product from a distance, just by looking at the shape and packaging design of the product, without even noticing the name of the brand (for example, the cylindrical cans of Pringles, or the gold foil wrapped chocolates of Ferrero Rocher can be identified by their unique packaging styles). 

According to a product package design company in Kolkata, to make sure the brand and its products get the spotlight and attention of interested buyers, the packing must be a visually appealing promotional piece of content that will give the consumers an insight into what they will find inside the package, and will pique their interests to buy the product as well. The above information explains why skilled product package designers are always in high demand among brand marketing organizations, since their packaging is the deciding factor whether the eyes of the buyers will fall on the product or not; which in turn determines the overall profitability of the manufacturing organization. 

Therefore, we went through the tools and techniques used by some of the most prominent product package design services, to bring before you the Professional Guidelines about Product Package Design:

Observe And Overcome The Designing Style Of Your Competitors

One of the first steps in mastering the art of product package designing is to draw inspiration from the products around you. Well, given that we live in world of consumerism, where we can surely find at least a dozen products around us at any time of the day, drawing inspiration from existing products and their packages should be fairly simple. All you need to keep in mind are two simple rules: 

A) Pay no attention to anything, except the type of product whose packaging design you’ve been assigned to (If you are designing the packaging style for a soft drink, you have no use for the packaging design of a TV; however, you can pay attention and draw inspiration from the design of a bottle of water. This is because electronic gadgets and liquids have varied properties and the same hold for their packing styles as well.) 

B) Take notes ONLY from the package designs of the products of the leading brands and popular companies. Among the crowd of numerous brands manufacturing the same product and yet the products of a few companies are the only ones that are getting sold out, then they must be doing something right, isn’t it? Therefore, taking notes from the best helps in staying ahead of the rest.

Get A View Of The Product To Have An Overview Of The Package That You’ll Be Designing

  • Despite being classified as electronic devices, the packaging styles of smartphones are completely different from those of washing machines, isn’t it? The same goes for the packaging style and design of ice cream and butter, despite both being dairy products. 
  • Understanding and specifying the exact type of product is a very important factor before determining the type of package design to be used. As already stated, different products despite belonging to the same domain, or composed of the same ingredients, can still have different properties and requirements.
  • Therefore, getting a preview of the product to be packaged is very important. Getting a view of the product helps in specifying the dimensions of the package, the packaging material to be used, and several other aspects that can be determined in advance, which is proving to be effective in a faster, efficient process of product package designing.

The Type Of Packaging Depends On The Type Of Consumers

  • Often, we observe that the type of packaging and designs of deodorants, soaps, clothing and several other products vary drastically, despite them being manufactured by the same organization. 
  • This categorization of product package designing is done, keeping in mind the different groups of customers, especially in urban areas such as Kolkata. Be it consumers of different gender or of different age groups, for different groups of consumers having different requirements, the type of product and their corresponding packaging design must also vary accordingly. 
  • The type of packaging for baby products has to be different from the products for adults or senior citizens. Similarly, if you wish to become a reputed product package design company in Kolkata, make sure there is a significant difference in the design and packing of the products used by men and those used by women.
  • Adding a gentle tone to the design for baby products, using different color tones and shapes for depicting masculinity and femininity are some subtle touches, which when added to the packaging design of a product, can create the same visual impact and appeal among different groups of interested buyers, causing a huge increase in the selling factor and profitability of the brand.

The Interiors Matter A Lot As Well!

  • Imagine the happiness you feel while purchasing your favorite dinnerware and crockery set, and imagine the heartbreak you receive once you get home and open the package to find it all in ruins; plates broken over dishes, teapots ruined, a disastrous sight indeed! 
  • While external packaging design provides an appealing introduction to the product inside, internal packaging is also necessary to make sure the product stays safe. Kraft paper, Styrofoam, air cushions are some of the popular internal packaging materials that are used for the protection of the product inside. 
  • Also, the alignment of the internal packaging material to stuff the products has to be planned cautiously. True, it is the external appearance that can be detected visually, but it is the internal packaging that keeps protecting the most important component of the package – the product.

Make It Appealing, Not Misleading

  • It is a good practice to enlighten the consumers by providing the product description on the package, but it is highly inappropriate to misguide them, by providing falsified and fabricated information on the package. True, it may convince the interested buyers to purchase the product for a short period, but once they find out that the words on the package are not reflecting the worth of the product, they will realize that the information about the product has been exaggerated on the product package. 
  • Not only this might lead to a lawsuit against the brand, but this will also label the brand with a poor reputation of deceiving their customers with false information, to sell their products. This also tarnishes the image of the product package designer, closing several doors of opportunities in future.
  • To avoid the aforementioned scenario, make sure to put an honest description of the product inside the package. State the product and its functions exactly as what it is and what it does. When the expectations a consumer has by reading the description outside matches the function of the product inside, it creates a sense of trust between the consumer and company and earns the company the goodwill of staying true to its customers.

The emotional state that a person is going through, or the thoughts that are running through a person’s mind, can often be guessed by taking a look at his or her facial expressions. Just like our internal thoughts and feelings can often be portrayed through our face, similarly, the features or the contents of a product inside can often be displayed in a visually appealing manner, by a carefully customized product package design. 

And by going through the above-mentioned points on product package design services, conveying the essence of the company and the product through packaging will become a piece of cake for you, thereby solidifying your reputation as an expert designer. If the package can grab the attention, and the product can impress the client, then rest assured, nothing can prevent the growth and prosperity of the company, and successful collaboration between the organization and the package designer for their upcoming projects as well.



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