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Everything You Need to Know About Different Types of Logo Design in 2022

Types of logo design

Nearly two years ago, I had the pleasure of revisiting my school at our reunion event. As the journey of senior secondary classes ended and the chapter of college life had begun, I got so busy with the academics and extracurricular college activities that I had no time to catch up with my schoolmates. After a gap of four years, as I entered the school premises, I was completely taken aback! The garden, the floor design, and the wall paintings – the entire school campus was refurbished and redesigned. 

Nostalgic memories of my red-and-yellow school were to be replaced, as I saw my educational institute now painted in a beautiful white-and-blue combination. Moreover, I realized that the appearances and personalities of my classmates have also changed a lot from what they used to be. While coping up with the overwhelming conflict between memories of my childhood, and the changes that occurred in the present-day, an interesting thought struck my mind: If the appearances of the people and places in our lives can change drastically over a short period only, then it goes without saying that the visual aspect i.e., the emblem or types of logo design of different organizations and corporations across the world will also be undergoing quite a transformation every year, isn’t it? 

A brand logo is regarded as the face of the organization, which makes the consumers identify the company and its products just by taking a glance at the logo. However, as the level of expansion of a company increases over time, so does its visions and ideas. Therefore, to stay afloat in the ever-growing sector of consumerism, it is always important to keep coming up with redefined ideas to maintain the appeal and demand among consumers. 

From Warner Bros to Burger King, to make sure that the familiarity with the traditional logo designs do not diminish the popularity of an existing brand or be it a new brand trying to establish a memorable first impression on the consumers of the present-day, over time, various types of logo design have been considered as indispensable factors to draw the attention of interested viewers, potential clients and consumers across the world. 

Therefore, in this era of globalization, where the appearance of a brand logo is a deciding factor in making the brand a commercial success, the demand and importance of skilled logo designers have increased even more. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the latest logo designing trends and tips in 2022:

Make The Logo Come To Life!

  • In order to represent a touch of modernity in the brand logo, nothing can be better than incorporating the latest technology in its design to enhance its visual aspect. When people all over the world are accustomed to seeing static images of brand logos and promotional content, why not give them a pleasant visual surprise by adding the magic of animation into the design?
  • Various online logo design services have stated that applying motion effects to the logo adds a dynamic effect to the design, where the animation provides a transitional flow to the brand emblem.
  • Furthermore, going the extra mile to create animated logos will make the brand stand out from the crowd, making the consumers realize that the company is keeping itself updated by applying motion graphic design to its brand logo. With the increasing availability and affordability of animation tools and technologies, the animated logo has now become a game changer in the modern domain of commercials and promotional events.

Sometimes, The Minimal Design Gives The Optimal Result

  • On several occasions, it has been observed that to exhibit their skills, many online logo design services go all out in their craft, resulting in a brand emblem so extravagant, that it becomes quite time-consuming to observe and understand what every element of the logo represents, and what the logo symbolizes in its entirety. If the very message that an organization wishes to convey through their logo can’t be understood, then all the efforts invested in designing the same goes in vain.
  • As a result, a minimalistic approach to designing logos has always proven to be successful both in earlier and present days. Several multinational corporations like Apple and Amazon prefer the usage of minimalistic logo designs as they are easy to create, profitable for marketing purposes and can be quickly identified and understood by the viewers, since in a minimalistic logo design, there is nothing much to look at.
  • That being said, be it a simple image (Nike) or just the name of the organization (Google), minimalistic design is not a piece of cake. It takes a great deal of skill and knowledge to eliminate unnecessary details and ensure that only the message remains prominently visible in the brand logo – Simple, straightforward, efficient.

There’s More To The Logo Than Meets The Eye

  • The famous Vaio laptop by Sony has a logo which at a first glance looks like an ancient symbol made of random lines and dots, but when observed, we see it includes all the alphabets of the laptop model i.e., V, A, I, O.
  • Similarly, when noticed carefully, the logo of the multinational corporation FedEx is desSince our cognitive mind is drawn to graphic imagery, hence, designing a logo with a hidden message will pique the interest of the onlookers, which will attract them toward the logo, thereby drawing them toward the corresponding brand and its products.  

A Touch Of Geometry Can Make A Huge Impact On The Visuals

  • Although colors play a pivotal role in the impact of a logo, we often fail to notice the significance of the shapes and boundaries of a brand emblem. Since geometric shapes like square or circle must follow certain rules and boundaries about their geometric properties (for example, all four sides of the square must have the same size, and all internal angles must be right angles), hence, using simple geometric shapes also provide a neat and professional look to a logo, symbolizing the fact that just like the shape of the custom logo design, the corresponding brand organization also has some guidelines and principles which must be followed with sincerity. 
  •  For example, the famous Adidas logo consists of three parallel trapezoids of gradually increased dimension, but with the same internal angles for all three of them. These shapes portray three mountain-sized challenges in life, ranging from lower to higher forms of difficulty, which when overcome, leads to victory in life. Originally taught as one of the oldest branches of mathematics, who could have thought that geometry would become an indispensable asset for adding depth to a logo through the geometric shapes?

Old Wine Of Typography In The New Bottle Of Logo Design 

  • The style of using the brand name as the brand logo is a technique that has been used both by existing and new organizations such as Infosys and Netflix. Though this practice of using typography logo design has been going on for quite a few decades, its effectiveness and popularity remain unparalleled and unbeaten even in the present day.
  • Since the typography logo does not have any images in it, many designers put all their effort into customizing a font style exclusive to the logo – one of a kind. For example, the global corporation “Uber” has its unique typeface. As a result, despite their logo design consisting of letters only, they still shine amongst the crowd of logos, thanks to their unique font style!
  • Furthermore, since our human mind has an affinity to remembering visuals and images, so when the logo bears the name of the organization in it, it becomes easier to remember it and recognize the brand in future as well, establishing a sense of familiarity between the brand and the consumer.

In a world where change is the only constant, the cut-throat competition among brands and industries is a never-ending quest where every organization wishes to become more than what it used to be, to provide more than what is used to do, and most importantly, to have a greater number of interested buyers than what it used to have. 

And by following the aforementioned tips and tricks on the types of logo design in 2022, not only the designer will be able to successfully symbolize the ever-evolving growth of the companies, but also the modern take on brand logo designing will make the consumers realize that the company is keeping up with time, and redesigning itself accordingly – A feature that will distinguish it from its competitors, leading to a skyrocketing increase in the popularity and profitability of the organization!




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