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11 Effective Social Media Trends For Business In 2021

11 Eff Social Media Marketing Trends

All that mankind has ever required to change the world, are three components: an idea, a vision, and a medium that can incorporate the idea to implement the vision. Quite naturally, when industrialization started transforming the world into the renaissance period of trade and technology, it led to an idea of boosting the publicity of a brand by advertising the product via various modes of mass communication – a vision to make the brand a household name by promoting its products to reach the target audience. 

All it lacked was a medium: an economically feasible mode of product promotion (advertising through television broadcasting, though effective, used to burn a hole in the pockets of the investors) which shall be used by almost every viewer across the world, thus yielding the output of reaching the largest number of interested clients. 

Therefore, the emergence of internet with the subsequent creation and rise of social media was no less than a dream come true for the marketing industries. With its budget-friendly platform for product promotion, coupled with the availability of consumers and investors for every product category in the world, social media has become the golden goose of the marketing domain and a key component in every successful business enterprise in every city. So, let’s have a look at 11 tips and tricks used by the best social media marketing company in Kolkata for a highly productive marketing strategy in 2021:

1) Stay Updated About The Latest Social Media Trends For Business

The very existence of social media was created primarily for interaction among people from all generations. Since the very platform for social networking keeps updating itself to give a more comfortable experience to its users, therefore, to attract the attention of the social media users to the online promotions, one must always stay updated about the latest trends in social media marketing. As of 2021, the most popular marketing preference in social media includes live promotional events, VR presentations and usage of AI chatbots.

2) How To Be The Master Of Marketing? Get To Know The Target Audience

Starting with the basics always proves to be beneficial. And doing solid homework about the niche of the product and the type of consumers to be attracted is compulsory for a successful marketing strategy. Knowing the newest trends in the market, the most debated and discussed products in social media, the results of voting polls based on product preferences by customers – keeping track of these points will help in creating a solid foundation for the promotional campaign on social media.

3) Apply Augmented Reality In Virtual Life And Stay Ahead In The Marketing Competition In Real Life

From capturing animated characters in the real world through the phone camera to throwing lasers at food items through phone screens – Augmented Reality (AR) is the future of online activities, giving the user first-person access to control the streaming. Gaming apps like Pokémon Go and multinational fast-food chains like McDonald’s have already implemented AR in their advertising campaigns and is the next big thing in social media. Without any delay, AR effects should be put to use for a more engaging promotional event in social media, for a better user experience.

4) Everyone Loves Stories – Let’s Give Them Some Through Marketing

A nice intro followed by a good plot with a decent ending – who wouldn’t want to spare a few minutes of their daily chores and tend to a short, engaging story? Wouldn’t it be nice to see a creative visual narrative? And what if the story showcases a product that is needed by you? Wouldn’t it be incredible to get to know the product details and how they can help you, all conveyed within the layers of the story? Some of the best marketers such as the best social media marketing company in Kolkata always come up with a plan of launching the product with an engaging storytelling idea and the promotional events always end up a big hit.

5) Give A Glimpse Of The Backstage Where The Work Takes Place

The same advertising technique being used over and over for decades has made the promotions predictable and has made the viewers uninterested, since they can anticipate more or less what they will be shown (a promotion for laptops will show the features of a laptop, a promotion of apparels will highlight the aromatic effect and so on). Therefore, it would be a good idea to bring some variation and give the viewers a glance at the process of how the products are being made. This will allow the customers to trust the authenticity of the product, since the manufacturers are being honest with the creation process, thereby solidifying the trust of the target audience.

6) Let The Audience Know The Brand: Time For Interactive Sessions

Every consumer wants to be considered important by the brands being purchased by him/her. Hence, a Q&A session meant to tend to the queries of consumers and interested buyers shall prove to be highly effective in building a personal bond with the clients and users alike, indicating that the corporation is not only focused on its profits but cares for its consumers. This also leads to the manufacturing company get good customer feedback for the hospitality, thereby attaining a strong reputation.

7) Categorize Your Product Type: Say Hello To Hashtags

Though hashtags have been common in social media trends for business, their utilization for narrowing down the domain type of the product and specifying the target audience through its usage has been quite recent in the field of social media marketing. Since users can search the entire list of related products in the social media through hashtags, therefore, creating custom hashtags for the corporation and its products will make it very convenient for the interested buyers to locate the product promotions and go through them (for example, #iPhone will show the results related to iPhone only, and will not include smartphone-related posts).

8) Maximize The Social Reach

“Increasing the reach” – a term the younger generation is quite familiar with nowadays, refers to the extent of viewers engaged through a post in social media, showing the total number of users who viewed, liked, reacted or re-shared the post from their social media handles. If the same observation of keeping a record of the number of views per post is practiced, it will eventually lead to better and more engaging posts, leading to a further increase in the number of views, thereby gaining greater attention.

9) Make Good Use Of All The Popular Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter can be interconnected and the posts can be shared across all four platforms. This feature of accessibility to other social media handles and multiplying the reach of the content has been one of the best social media innovations. For example, not everyone who uses Facebook will be using Twitter or vice versa. The same goes for Instagram as well. Hence, sharing the same promotional content across all the platforms will be instrumental in engaging not only a larger group of the target audience but will also reach interested clients who are available on one social media and absent on others.

10) Choose The Keywords Wisely

Usage of certain words which are exclusively related to the content being promoted is very useful in bringing the promotional content to the top of the search list of search results, making it easier to be located by the interested buyers who were searching for similar products. This method is somewhat similar to search engine optimization. A carefully planned selection of keywords to be used and selecting their frequency plays a crucial role in the visibility of content. Too many keywords may get it discarded as spam, and too few may make it sink to the bottom of the search results.

11) So What’s Next For Social Media?

Predictive search analysis, usage of search predictions, and suggesting recommendations to users based on their watch history are slowly making their way in. They have already been implemented by YouTube and Google and will most likely make their way into the world of social media marketing. 

Who could have thought that the platform of social media which was developed initially as nothing more than an online friendship community, would one day grow up to be the most sought-after medium for product launches and campaigns, leading to huge profits in business ventures? 

Hence, by sticking to the aforementioned eleven points, using social media trends for business will become a piece of cake, allowing the brand promoters attract a far wider group of interested buyers, thereby leading to a win-win situation for both parties: the brand gaining substantial financial profits through the marketing, and the success of the social media promotion leads to the marketer earning the trust of the recruiting brand for many more promotional partnerships for their upcoming products. 



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