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The Modern World Needs Modern Promotions: How To Master The Role Of A Creative Graphic Designer In Kolkata

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A for apple.B for ball.C for cat.D for dog. In all the kindergarten or nursery schools across the entire world, the age-old method of introducing children to alphabets through the pictorial description of objects has still, and will remain unchanged in future as well. This is because it is much easier to remember the visual description than the literary representation.

For example, whenever we hear the name of an animal, what comes instantly into our mind is a picture of the mentioned animal, and not the characteristic description (no matter how old you are, when you hear the word “ice cream”, the first thing you recall is the moist, creaminess of the treat and not the chemical composition of the dessert, isn’t it?)

It sounds unbelievable but the same principle which helps a child learn the letters of a language is also the universal key component in brand marketing and business ventures: usage of graphic content to give their organization an emblem that is distinguished from the rest and shall be recognized globally.

This requirement to design the brand logo in such a way that it corresponds to the products of the corporation, and also appears unique enough to remain memorable to the interested clients and buyers, is what led to the advent of graphic design services. In this modern world of globalization where widespread promotion is as important as product quality, graphic design services have now become an inseparable component of every successful corporation, from regional companies to multinational organizations. For example, the demand for a creative graphic designer in Kolkata is ever-increasing, thanks to metropolitan cities having a bustling consumer base. Therefore, we did an extensive exploration from our end to bring before you the fundamental aspects of mastering the art of creative graphic designing in 2021:

Brush Up The Basics First: Graphic Designing – What Is It All About?

  • Yes, a strong sense of passion and enthusiasm for pursuing any profession is always appreciated, but it’s important to learn to walk first before we start running, isn’t it? The same holds for the domain of graphic designing as well. Therefore, before proceeding forward, it is crucial to have a clear idea of what graphic designing is, and how it can be used for commercial purposes.
  • In a nutshell, graphic designing is the visual representation that combines the thoughts and ideas of a company that are put together to manufacture its products. It is the embodiment of the words and vision of the company that conveys a visual appeal to the target audience, attracting them to the products.
  • Since the human mind prefers visual information to textual one, hence, the usage of graphic design services gives the recruiting organization an upper hand in staying ahead of the rest of its competitors, by creating a strong identity through the visual appearance of its logo. As we all know, a higher success rate in attracting customers to a brand lead to greater commercial success and a consequent business expansion. Hence, graphic designing has become an indispensable aspect of successful business ventures for every sector.

A Healthy Discussion Leads To Great Creations- Make Sure Your Client Is Comfortable With You

  • So now that we know what graphic designing is, let’s have a look at one of the most basic questions in the field of graphic designing: how to become a graphic designer? To come up with the perfect design that matches the vision of the client, it is very important to view the importance of the graphic content and its impact as the image of the corporation, through the eyes of the client himself/herself.
  • Since the objectives of brand owners or manufacturers vary depending on the type of industry they belong to, hence, it is imperative to place yourselves in their shoes to come up with the ideal graphic design. Therefore, a thorough discussion with the clients is a necessary step in the field of graphic designing work. Many graphic designers tend to overlook this part or do a quick chat with the clients and get to work, resulting in a design that does not correspond to the goals of the company at all.
  • To avoid the aforementioned situation, covering every single detail from the origin of the company, to its key features, its primary category of products, the price range of the product, the type of target audience to cater to – every minute detail has to be kept in mind before drafting the design idea. Hence, conducting regular discussion sessions with the clients is a mandatory criterion to be kept in mind by aspirants who wish to become experts in big cities, such as taking up the role of a creative graphic designer in Kolkata.
  • Getting to the bottom of the list of requirements require multiple meetings and discussions with the partners of the recruiting company – something that makes them open up more with the graphic designer and develop a bond when they realize the designer is as invested in the welfare of the company, as they are. This also opens the doors of an extended client-designer partnership with the same company to create graphic designs for its upcoming projects as well.

Be Flexible With Colors And Designs And Be Patient With Your Work

  • A finished design undergoes several trials and errors till the perfect finalized design is created which makes the partners of the recruiting company say, “This is it!” But to reach the optimum level of perfection, a large number of initial designs are analyzed, discarded and the designing process goes through a constant improvisation. As a result, a large palette of colors and a larger selection of shapes are used while drafting the design.
  • Several designers have a trend of using a fixed set of colors or structures for every design. This is to glorify the signature style of the designers, which makes the design identifiable as the work of a particular graphic designer. As lucrative as it may sound, it is to be kept in mind that the end goal is neither about making the design as per the convenience of the designer, nor about highlighting the name of the designer, but to elevate the brand logo and make the associated company rise and shine above the rest.
  • Thus, one needs to step out of their selected range of ideas of graphic design services and explore the possible colors and variations that match with the thought process of the recruiters (Remember, the recruiters are in charge here, not the other way around). For example, in the case of creating the logo for a tropical beach resort, light cool colors such as blue and green will be preferable, whereas, a fiery red symbol with the image of a smoked chilli pepper will be a preferable logo for a fast-food chain that prepares spicy food items.

Adding Too Many Ingredients May Ruin The Taste: Don’t Overcomplicate Your Design

  • Just like following some tips are necessary, similarly, the knowledge of avoiding some common mistakes is also one of the most valuable graphic design tips. Sometimes, in our attempt to make our creation the finest of all, we tend to forget the importance of graphic design and keep adding a lot of extra and unnecessary details which make our craft a bit overcrowded.
  • Not only our mind prefers visual content, but it also prefers simpler presentations that can be comprehended easily. Hence, creating a complex design may confuse the viewers and make them wonder what exactly they are looking at. This is a big letdown, since, despite the efforts of the designers, the connection between the brand symbol and the buyers shall not be established.
  • Hence, care should be taken to design the logo related to the brand product, make it appealing, and keep it as simple as possible, so that it catches the eye, makes an impact and can be understood easily about the message being conveyed by the graphic design.

From a child remembering the logo of his or her favorite candy brand, to the bustling and ever-increasing base of consumers seeking their desirable products with their preferred brand logo on them, graphic design services are far deeply intertwined in our lives than we can comprehend, right from our childhood cravings, to our requirements in the present and upcoming future.

And what better way to solidify the presence of the manufacturers in the world of consumers, than coming up with a brand logo and marking it over every manufactured product sold across the world? By following the aforementioned points on graphic design tips, nothing can stop the brand from attaining a worldwide base of consumers, and over the course of time, buyers will get familiar with the brand in such a way that they will hardly think of any other alternate options other than the products bearing their preferred brand logo.



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