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Looking For The Best OTT Content Strategy For 2021? Here Are Our Top 3 Tips!

Essential Tips on OTT

I wish I could handpick my movies, whichever I want, whenever I want. 

I wish I could watch all the films &TV series, simply by selecting my genre; be it science fiction, horror, comedy, etc. 

I wish I could pause the series when I want, or watch the entire series without any interruptions, breaks or advertisements. 

The above desires are shared by every single person on this planet, young and old alike, because more or less, everyone has a love for at least certain television shows or events, and the above three problems are something which everyone has experienced, and wanted to get rid of. 

Thus emerged a direct-consumer streaming service that is economically feasible, ad-free, gives full control to the consumers to select the content they wish to watch, pause or play. Having a common solution to three everlasting problems is no less than a dream come true, all thanks to the state-of-the-art streaming service, known as OTT (over-the-top) content platform.

However, just like any other domain, competitors arrive in no time, and we know OTT content holds no exception since we have witnessed the birth of several OTT content providers over the last couple of years, rapidly increasing the competition in the field of entertainment. Therefore, it is mandatory to follow and stick to certain rules to stay ahead in the race, in the market of OTT content. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the best ott content strategy that’s imperative for great OTT content in 2021:

OTT Content: A Glimpse Of The Modern Empire Of Content Streaming

  • Before proceeding toward mastering the techniques, we believe it is important to find the answer to the question: what is OTT (over-the-top) content? In simpler words, OTT refers to an online method of streaming content via the internet. Since the entire OTT platform is accessible online, hence, OTT content can be viewed using any device having internet connectivity, from laptops to smartphones to tablets. 
  • OTT provides a premium content experience to its viewers, where they have complete control over the entire content section. This is what the over-the-top (OTT) platform means. 
  • Unlike traditional TV series, where viewers need to be available at a certain time to view the episodes, in an OTT channel, the user can view the contents based on their convenience, and their preferences, allowing them to watch an entire series at a single go. Because of the complete control of the viewers over the content they wish to watch, OTT is rapidly taking over the traditional means of media services.

Customize Your Content Based On The Demands Of The Audience

  • The type of content that attracts the young generation is bound to be different from the content which draws the attention of the older generation, and vice versa. This is why, identifying different types of target audience, categorizing the content based on their preferences with the best ott content strategy, and making them available in the form of different sections is decisive for all major OTT content providers in India. 
  • For example, several OTT platforms have different sections based on age groups and genre. Also, as kids also tend to exhibit an active engagement in viewing OTT content, a separate section with contents meant for children only is a good idea for a successful OTT content platform. 
  • Tailoring the layout of the platform and featuring content accordingly will attract audience from all categories, making the OTT platform a massive hit. In some cases, a parental restriction on certain R-rated content is also implemented, which ensures that the content creators are not only focused on their profits but also keep in mind the social and moral aspects of OTT content.

Successful Promotion Of OTT Content: The Icing On The Cake

  • Now that the perfect platform of OTT is ready, what follows is the effort to spread the word about the OTT platform as far as possible, and this is where promotional events come into play. Be it promotion via television or hoardings or social media events, the importance of promotion to OTT is a lot like that of a trailer to a movie; i.e., it plays a key factor in determining whether the platform will be a hit or not. 
  • One of the first things that come to mind when it comes to promotional events, is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A planned usage of keywords and skills in content writing can work wonders to bring the content on top of the search list, grabbing the attention of a large crowd. Speaking of the crowd, SEO is also very fruitful in gaining quality website traffic in the OTT sites.
  • Furthermore, the impact of launching promotional content on social media can also vary, depending on the time and situation of posting it. For example, promoting OTT on a busy Monday morning with fewer people active on social media is not going to be much productive. 
  • The aforementioned method will be highly useful in drawing the attention of viewers in metropolitan cities, and for instance, can be utilized by the OTT (over-the-top) content service provider in Kolkata. Hence, observing the times of highest activities and user density in social media, posting promotional events based on the preference of the audience are some additional details in promotional activities, which make a massive difference in the long run.

While it is true that we indulge into our professional life to work hard and demonstrate productivity, it is true that nothing gives better sense of happiness than a good content. No matter how much we engage in our work life and profession, everyone needs and deserves quality time to relax and unwind, and entertainment is one of the best ways for it. By following the aforementioned tips, not only the OTT content platform with the best ott content strategy shall climb to unimaginable heights of success, but it will also provide a great sense of joy and happiness to the consumers, which will compel them keep revisiting you to keep experiencing the delights of OTT content entertainment.



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