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How To Edit Videos: Get Excellent And Valuable Tips From Professional Video Maker (2021)

how to edit videos

The birth of television not only opened a new door for broadcasting services and telecommunications but also took a giant leap in the field of technology. Novel adaptations into movies, bringing fictional characters to life, advertising products to viewers across the world with detailed visual demonstrations – visual media has completely changed how mankind perceives information and entertainment. 

However, with the advancements in the world of entertainment, paired with the demand to cater to the demands of audiences from all age groups with varying requirements, mere video recordings were not enough. Therefore, modifying the visual contents based on the preference of viewers, customizing videos as per the demands of the audience, highlighting certain sections of the video to create a lasting impression in the minds of the viewers, and several other factors gave birth to video editing – a procedure which is ever since becoming an indispensable key factor in the world of videography and video production. This is why, we as expert and professional video makers present before you the most effective tips and tricks regarding how to edit videos in the current context:

Have Backups For Your Video Creations: You Do Not Want To Lose Track Of Your Work

    • How many times have you written an article in Microsoft Word, or created a presentation in PowerPoint, only to close it without saving your work, and then having no choice but to restart from the scratch? If you haven’t faced the above scenario, aren’t you a lucky fella! But it becomes a nightmare to re-create the entire content right from the beginning, and it takes twice the time and labor as well.
    • Since the same applies to video editing also, hence, it is very important to set up backups of the video content – one of the most important video editing tips for beginners. We get so focused on learning how to edit videos that this crucial point is often overlooked.
    • Saving a backup of the video file in another folder of the system, or an external hard drive is a very safe approach to make sure that the progress made in video editing does not get erased.
    • Refreshing the backup folders on fixed intervals and ensuring that all the contents of a video presentation are safely stored is a common practice used by experts who merge several videos to present the finalized content.

What Better Way To Present A Good Video Content, Than Showing It In The Format Of A Story?

    • Until the invention of technology that can transmit visual media, though the listeners and readers were able to enjoy the contents they read or listened to, it lacked the visual aspect, which often left a sigh of dissatisfaction. For example, let’s consider the verbal description of the wildlife or the depiction of a character or a dramatic scene in a novel. In both cases, it has been observed that different people came up with different conclusions, based on what they heard or read, because since the visual content was absent, it was not possible to comprehend the complex descriptions, and stay on the same page with the narrator or author.
    • Therefore, in order to make a good video edit, the content must include a narrative, which keeps the viewer engaged and makes them stay glued to the screen to see what happens next.
    • While the presentation or theme of the videos may vary, the framework of any interesting video includes an introduction, a development, and an ending. A proper balance of the three components leads to a great story – a method used by brilliant video editors, through their ways to edit videos.
    • It is incredible how a story can be narrated with far greater beauty and clarity, with the aid of visual content and graphics. Usage of a narrative, or change in the background score to depict the intensity of a scene (for example, the sound effects of a horror scene is different than that of a humorous one) can be great ways of incorporating the method of storytelling.
    • Because of the large number of viewers in metropolitan cities, ensuring a storyline in the video will be a very successful plan for a professional video maker in Kolkata. Planning on how to initiate, how to build the storyline, and how to conclude the content with a message for the viewers – the initiation of building the draft of a video is equal to its execution.

Not Just The Visuals, Pay Attention To The Verbal Aspect Of The Video As Well

    • Often, we are so focused on the big picture of how to edit videos, that we miss out on the underlying important details. For example, imagine a video content with an attractive visual content, with a muffled up or inconsistent audio where the voice of the speaker is overlapped by the noise of the surroundings. While our eyes are busy enjoying the video, we wouldn’t want our ears to miss out on all the fun, would we?
    • Therefore, an additional layer of sound, or usage of sound extraction to minimize the noise, is a very effective method in editing a video, to make the video properly audible.
    • Another alternate solution is to use a good-quality microphone and synchronize the audio content with the video. Having a separate sound recorder for the voice-over and merging the sound clip as a layer in the video is one of the most useful tips for video editing.

With the availability of modern-day technology for editing a video, it is now possible to elaborate a documentary with greater detail, to promote products in a more lucrative manner, and most importantly, to keep the viewers constantly occupied with the visual content and make them rely on it for their day-to-day life and entertainment purposes. With a well-organized approach to editing videos, and presenting them with a visually satisfying finish, nothing can stop the video from becoming a big hit among the viewers, making them look forward to your upcoming creations!



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