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A Peek Into The Latest Motion Graphics Trends In 2021

motion graphics trends

It is quite fascinating how some of the writings of fictional novels can perfectly portray inventions and discoveries in future. Just like the depiction of Nautilus (Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea) bore an uncanny resemblance to that of the modern-day submarine, who could have thought that the feature of a wizarding newspaper from the world-famous novel series, “Harry Potter” will one day be presented in the real life as an ingenious technique of presenting data and information to its viewers? 

In the novel, instead of still photos, the newspaper used to have moving pictures and short video clips on its pages. Though not in newspapers, in our real world, from GIF templates to realistic 2D and 3D presentations, various forms of video animations have established their worldwide presence on every online portal, social media platform and web page. Owing to the union between information and animation, users witnessed a simple yet visually engaging mode of communication; something they had never experienced before. This method of implementation of video animation for industrial purposes, also known as “motion graphics”, has become a massive success in no time.  

With our human mind having a cognitive preference for visual learning methods over factual information, understanding and remembering information conveyed through animation is always a simpler, more enjoyable process. That being said, designing the video accordingly which caters to the audience and portrays the required information consequently, is an essential criterion that needs to be followed, to reap the benefits of the connection between our mind and the visual graphic illustrations. 

A versatile procedure of communication that is also flexible in its usage of infographics, art, imagery, graphical representations, charts, narratives and many other forms of relaying information, designing motion graphics is not a piece of cake. Since designing or customizing a visual presentation for the target audience needs to be modified according to the age and time period, hence, keeping oneself updated with the latest trends is also crucial for a flawless design. Therefore, without further ado, we present before you the latest motion graphics trends in 2021:

Make Sure To Place The Animated Brand Logo At The Bull’s-eye:

  • The primary objective behind any successful motion graphics design is to highlight the brand of the hiring organization through its visual presentation via motion graphics. Like we said, our attention gets easily drawn to the video or imagery, hence, highlighting the brand logo through the motion graphics shall bring fruitful results in giving the collaborating brand a known and recognizable image (for example, as soon as we see certain brand images, our mind can immediately connect it to the emblem of the brand).
  • Using a watermark of the organization throughout the presentation is a smart approach, since the presence of the brand logo across the entire presentation increases the frequency of getting noticed by the viewers.
  • Presenting the brand name and its objectives in the beginning and highlighting the brand as a showstopper is also a great way to introduce and exhibit the brand objective, principles and obligations to its clients and consumers.

Let’s Combine 2D And 3D: Best Of Both Worlds!

  • Combining simulations and creating a multi-dimensional simulation is a concept that has been a hot topic of discussion for a long time; however, the tools to implement this theory into reality had not been invented yet; now that we have the necessary technology to make the above-mentioned dream come true, the revelation of combining 2D and 3D elements for motion graphics has created quite a stir across various online platforms and is regarded as a massive success ever since its inception.
  • A transition from 2D to 3D also adds an effect of features coming to life, as if emerging out of the pages of a book of information; certain presentations which are created by keeping in mind this motion graphic trend, also provide 3D glasses to the viewers to make sure they can experience the masterpiece in full detail.
  • With the emergence of several 2D to 3D conversion and merging software and online applications, it is now possible to create these state-of-the-art motion graphic designs, that too at an affordable pricing.

Morphing: Smooth, Fast, Beautiful: The Magical Visual Design!

  • One of the best reasons why videos have an advantage over still images is because the amount of information that can be conveyed through a video presentation is much greater and much extensive compared to that of images. And to make such an informative video visually attractive, the key editing technique which brings life to the video is: transition.
  • The smoother the transitions, the better the presentation. This process of the swift change of images and elements of the motion graphic presentation, and arranging their sequence in a fluid-like manner, is what’s known as ‘Morphing’.
  • Morphing had created video presentations of such quality and perfection that it came to be known as one of the best motion graphics trends in 2021. The morphing effects look so flawless that it makes sure the viewers remain glued to their seats, right from the beginning to the end of the presentation.
  • Furthermore, since the attention of the spectators remain glued to the morphing videos, hence, it shows that the viewers spend more time on the web pages that feature motion graphics which use morphing effect, thereby bringing the website to the top of the search list in search engines.

Give Them Some Texture, Give Them Some Grain

  • Trends will create a massive hype which keeps giving the constant push for manufacturers in every domain to excel and prosper further; and currently, the trend of creating more practical graphic content which make the images and videos appear in a more detailed and realistic manner, by adding factors which enhances the sensory aspect of the motion graphic presentations, makes them appear more realistic. 
  • One of the best practices to bring images and videos to life is by incorporating grain effects. People owning motion graphics company in India have been using the feature of grain and texture for creating the effects of sand, wind and tides.
  • Adding grains and textures to the content reduces the superficial smoothness, and gives them a naturalistic uneven, textured effect. Unlike most of the other motion graphic editing styles, grain is a simple form of editing and is still considered as one of the most popular motion graphics trends in 2021 for its significantly important style of adding the roughness of reality into the presentation, which provides stunning visuals and adds the finishing touch of adding life to the on-screen visuals.

Go Free: Go Hybrid

  • When the sky is the limit for creativity, mixing or combining multiple trends and styles can do wonders in designing the ultimate motion graphic presentation. First of all, it provides the designers with room for experimentation; something very important in any profession. Secondly, the hybrid motion graphic trend has become quite a sensation because of its unpredictable nature which keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats, excited and unprepared for the surprising visual treat.
  • Hybrid styles are yet to make their way to reach motion graphics company in India; however, once they arrive, they will bring a revolution in the field of editing and animations. Also, since hybrid style blends the effects of various existing styles into it, hence, it can always create something new out of the existing applications.
  • For example, the sequence of an animated series followed by a 2D presentation of facts which then elevates the charts and figures in a 3D fashion. This unique method of unifying different animation styles is always worth viewing, as the hybrid combination brings the best out of every individual piece of animation used.

No matter how much we surf across the tides of the (worldwide) web, we will always run into one form of motion graphics or another. Depicting essential facts and figures through animated videos, motions graphics is the answer to the ever-increasing requirement of an eye-catching yet informative mode of communication that represents the contents of the communication in a user-friendly manner, making it easier to comprehend. 

With the advancement of technology leading to sophisticated editing applications, the efforts to make the presentations as lively as possible is always a key factor behind motion graphic design inspirations. Also, despite the course of time, we have not been able to come up with an alternate option that can connect to the human mind as interactively as video contents; which in turn means that motion graphics will never become old or obsolete, and will always be a key factor in designing successful presentations. 

That being said, motion graphics is not rocket science; by keeping in mind the above-mentioned tips and tricks and following the contemporary trends in editing & motion graphics, in no time you’ll see yourself become skilled enough in this field to rise above others and establish your own motion graphics company in India or elsewhere for a successful partnership with the interested clients and collaborating partners.



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